How To Fix Damaged Phone When Replacing The Screen

How To Fix Damaged Phone When Replacing The Screen. 

This OPPO A7X from a fan had been replaced the screen by himself. But due to insufficient experience, he replaced the screen without power off, as a result,
the screen BTB connector and power supply circuits have been damaged because of
short circuit. 

In this video, we share how to fix OPPO A7X display circuits faulty on motherboard and what should be avoided when replacing a screen. Hope that it can help you replace the screen safely.

OPPO A7X screen:

Anti-static wrist strap:

Screwdriver set:

Hot air gun desoldering station :

Anti-static rubber mat:



Welding paste:

Solder flux:

Anti-static glass wiper:

Pry bar:

Cutting nippers:   

10uF capacitor        





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