How To Fix CPU, DDR, UFS – Android Phone Not Turning On Repair Case

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Recently, some fans asked us to make a repair video for UFS and CPU. In fact, there have been several related videos in our past works. Here we received a Xiaomi 8 motherboard from a phone repair and he failed to fix the not turning on faulty. Very important data on the phone, so we must fix it well.
In this video, we explain the fix methods and precautions of CPU, DDR, UFS for CINO fans who have called many times. Please review our previous videos, it will help you learn better.

How To Fix iPhone Compass App Or Gyroscope Not Working?

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When Jobs released the world’s first mobile phone with a gyroscope sensor, it made it possible to play Need for Speed. Gyroscopes are often overlooked. In fact, gyroscopes are also an important sensor of phones. For example, it plays an important role in the most popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), such as turning on the gyroscope to play without touching the screen to shoot each other to enhance the game experience. 

In this video, we fix a phone with a broken gyroscope. Check it out.

Samsung A70 Water Damage, Flickering Display Motherboard Fix

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Because of water damage, the Samsung A70 screen flickering and has no display. After replacing the screen and main flex cables, the problem remains. We check the phone and find out that the motherboard has been faulty. Take down the motherboard and inspect it, one of the display driver ICs has been faulty. Replace it and problem solved.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Gyroscope Not Working – Motherboard Repair

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How To Fix Samsung Gyroscope Not Working – S10e Motherboard Repair.

Samsung Health stopped tracking steps? We here share the fix idea with a Samsung S10e, a detailed repair guide to the sensor faulty.

As we all know, the steps tracking function is controlled by the gyroscope, which detects displacement and can operate games by displacement and enhance optical image stabilization by displacement feedback. Therefore its faulty will affect the functions above and it is hardly detected. When the Health app fails to track steps accurately, chances are good that the gyroscope has been faulty.

iPhone 12 Pro Review – Daily Use Full Report

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iPhone 12 Pro Review – Daily Use Full Report 
Screen, Camera, 5G and Charging(4K UHD Video).
It takes one week to do the review on 4 sections:
1,Display performance with professional calibration tool
2,Camera with deep fusion,HDR3 
3,5G speed tested in Shenzhen, China
4,Fast charing performance with iPhone 11 Pro, and another candidate with 120W turbor charger.
1:07 The iPhone 12 XDR Display, does it have 1200 nits?
2:22 Camera Photo Video Reviews
5:39 5G Network Reviews (with Android phone)
8:28 Fast Charing  Reviews