Universal Repair Idea On Audio Circuits – Samsung S10e For Example

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Universal Repair Idea On Audio Circuits – Samsung S10e For Example
Hi fans !
How to fix MIC faulty? How to fix ear speaker or loudspeaker faulty? 
Factually, expect some LG phones or Vivo phones that apply extra Hi-Fi circuits, all the other phones share the same audio system, hence the fix methods are the same.
In this video, we repair a Samsung S10e to demonstrate the audio faulty fix ideas and methods of android phones.

Tools used in this video
Anti-static wrist strap: 

Screwdriver set:

Hot air gun desoldering station : 

Anti-static rubber mat:   

PCB holder: 


Solder flux: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Soft brush: 

Pry bar: 

Pry piece: 

Suction cup: 

Heating mat: 

Adhesive remover kit 
Samsung S8+ backup motherboard 
PCB cleaner

Samsung Stuck On Boot Logo – Fix Samsung A6s And Data Recovery

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Samsung Stuck On Boot Logo – Fix Samsung A6s And Data Recovery.

Tools and materials on this video:
Anti-static wrist strap: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Screwdriver set: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Hot air gun desoldering station: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Anti-static rubber mat:   https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
PCB holder: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Multimeter:   https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Tweezers: https://www.cinomall.com/products/ant…
Welding paste: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Solder flux: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Anti-static glass wiper: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Soft brush: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
Soldering iron:  https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
BGA stencils: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/…
DC power supply: 
Suction cup  : 
Heating pad
PCB cleaner  
Insulated silicone
Glue removing blades set 
High-temperature adhesive

Data Recovery From Dead Samsung Phone 2020 Chip Level Repair – Part 1

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Data Recovery From Dead Samsung Phone 2020   Chip Level Repair – Part 1.
Phone data is priceless. A CINO fan sent a water-damaged Samsung A40. He added that the phone won’t turn on, but the data is very very important and must be recovered.
We share how to recover the priceless data in this video.

Tools And Materials Used In The Video:

Anti-static wrist strap: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/anti-static-wrist-strap

Screwdriver set: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/scredriver-set-6pcs

Hot air gun desoldering station:  https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/atten-ms-300-3-in-1-combination-hot-air-gun-desoldering-station-dc-power-supply-maintenance-system

Anti-static rubber mat:   https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/silicone-repair-mat

PCB holder: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/pcb-holder-motherboard-holder-k20

Tweezers: https://www.cinomall.com/products/anti-static-tweezers-esd-12

Welding paste: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/solder-paste

Solder flux: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/soldering-flux

Soft brush: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/soft-brush

Pry bar: https://www.cinomall.com/products/plastic-pry-bar

Multimeter: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/digital-multimeter-vc890c

BGA stencil: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/qualcomm855-sm8150-bga-stencils-for-xiaomi-9-samsung-s10-lgv50

Glass wiper: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/glass-wiper

Heating pad

Android power test cable

PCB cleaner 

Thermal grease



How To Fix Camera Failed On Samsung Galaxy

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How To Fix Camera Failed On Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung A50 pops up Camera Failed Warning, camera won’t work. We test and find out that there is an inductor next to the front camera has been faulty and causes a short-circuit. Replace it with a new one and problem solved.